Update 2018

Hello! It's been awhile since I had anything to say about perfume. I/we have been very busy this summer with many things, perfume being just one of them.
I am still waiting to move into my new art studio, and debating whether or not I want to open a new perfume shop.
I have been offered an opportunity to manage a new art gallery as well as opportunities and financing for a perfume venture. It's been a wild ride and at this point in my life I am not sure I want to add that kind of work load to an already tight schedule.
Physically I have been in pretty good shape lately, so that is a win win, as it could be so much worse.
This in part has been a major factor in the coming release of a new naturals collection. I had about three years worth notes, formulas, scribbles and even a few completed perfumes when I went back in to shape this collection.

EAU DE TOILETTE - My decision to devote an entire collection to this level of concentration was intentional, and has been in my mind and my notes for a long time. With naturals, heavy is often the norm. The idea being that naturals don't last as long so they need to be of a higher concentration. This works only so far, and heaviness isn't always the best route to take, yet is ubiquitous throughout natural perfumery. I wanted to change that and formulate specifically for this concentration level. Not just dilute existing perfumes, (something that rarely translates to a viable perfume)

Mad Mission - fig, gourmand
Metimur - incense spice
Somniabunt - salt, sea, green
Windowpane - sharp, green, iris

The eau de toilettes will be available in 30ml - 10ml and sample sizes
Launch- end of September 2018


EXTRAIT DE PARFUM - We had debated a move away from our snap lock presentation box for the Signature Natural parfums, but decided against it. We will continue to offer this collection as is.



MAILING LIST - We have not updated our mailer for awhile and will be sending one out at the end of the month. Hopefully this will help us weed out some of the bad emails etc.

DISCOUNTS AND SALES: I am emailed often about discounts and offerings. If we have anything to offer in the way of discounts they will show up in a pop up, be listed at the top of the page on the website, sent along with an order, offered through our mailer or through our Facebook/Instagram promotions.
We only have one major sale each year during the late fall holiday season. Occasionally we will have a sale of stock that we need to rotate out, but this is not the norm, since our perfumes are made in very small batches to begin with.
I always say your best bet is to follow us on social media and subscribe to our mailing list. and/or be a repeat customer. Our analytics keep track of repeat orders that we use to generate coupon codes.
Hope this is helpful.