Being Still

I received an email recently from someone inquiring about my original blog and the long meandering posts about perfume making and life at the perfume shop/studio.
Those were very busy days with lots of energy in the air. I was working primarily with scent and everything seemed to swirl around in that particular universe.
I had all but closed up my painting studio, showing from time to time and having a collection of older works on the walls of the perfume shop…….. this of course was never my intention. I had planned for the perfume to be an art project originally, yet being the curious crazy person that I can be, I decided to dive in and test the waters.


After a time I was ready to let the pendulum swing back the other way and started painting again on a daily basis.
This changed my day to day and I now divide my time between painting and running the online shop for Soivohle.
I am happy with the collection as it is now, and will continue to add to it over time, when I feel inspired to do so. It has never been about volume to me. I am not a prolific artist, even with painting. Quality over quantity really is how I work. I spend a lot of time reflecting on the work and taking my time with the process. I hope this translates to the larger world and people make their decisions about my work based on this philosophy. The art of being still, moving with the flow of life, not forcing things to be one way or another.

As far as the blogging goes, I do not see myself going back to that frantic pace of trying to do so many things. I will just be blogging here (mostly) from time to time, or when we have something to share.
I am at a place where I truly love my work, and my new schedule fits well with my family life and friends. A good balance after so many years with little to no balance.