Post Modern - NEW

I have thought long and hard about this new body of work and how to classify it. As perfumery materials have pushed the boundaries from the old classics, into modernism with synthetic materials carrying the major load, to artisan and natural creations. The materials continue to dictate i(n a big way) how things get done.
With the re-invention of the natural isolate and compounded bases, the edge of the envelope is always being pushed to new ends.

Personally I love this forward thinking approach to perfumery and have spent a lot of time reworking many of my old “Signature Classics” accords and bases to either be all natural, or natural with trace amounts of nature identical and man made aroma molecules.
This is the reason I am calling this new collection of perfumes “Post Modern”
In art (generalizing here) post modern is the leaving behind of the old and embracing the new. Moving out of the comfort zone of modernism.
To achieve this in these perfumes I have chosen to work with what I will call the concept of 99. Creating perfumes with just under what is considered 100% natural. Incorporating trace amounts and dilutions of alternative materials.
I chose to go this route because I wanted these perfumes to speak to a feeling that I have had lately, of being light and free from all of the chaos in our current world affairs. An escape, so to speak to a place where joy is a kind of salvation. Something that is needed to weather the larger storms.
Without joy and a lightness of being, we can become hard and brash, so the concentrations of the perfumes are lighter and more open.
My desire is share my joy of home and place through this collection. As well as allowing the materials to push my vision, beyond just my minds eye view, but into the world.

Introductory Offer: Three for two. We will be offering a set of all there scents in 4ml size for the price of two.
Good thru July 2019