The Future Looks Bright

As of yesterday I am back at work, getting things done for Soivohle and my new project scentgrrl. As you may notice we are slowly adding a ton of stuff to our clearance page.

I am taking Soivohle back in time to that indie-grrl place when our entire collection was made up of natural perfumes and oils.
I have so many formulas that never got made into perfumes (mostly natural) so I am working on some of them now. As we go forward the entire collection of CLASSIC PERFUMES will be phased out.
You will still be able to request order them and order them from outer outlets who carry them. We will continue our relationships with retailers who carry the line, but for what is available on our website, it will be all natural.

I hope to have this transition complete by the first of next year, so in the meantime it would be a good idea to take advantage of the sales now, as I will not be making any special orders of sold out stock until after the first of the year.



scentgrrl is my, what I always wanted to do project, but never found the time. This will be a stand alone brand of minimalist perfumes. Minimalist being, less involved formulas that focus on a few key ingredients. Synergy blends that present a more modern aesthetic.
These perfumes will be VEGAN/CRUELTY FREE and 95% or higher natural materials. Leaving a little wiggle room for creativity.
Each scent will be available in spray perfumes and parfum oils.
Poetry plays a huge part in scentgrrl, as inspiration and as my own writings, many words that have been sitting on shelves, collecting dust for way too long.
The website is up with the bare essentials. Target launch date is… soon….